Reforestation and Preservation Project

Reforestation is the solution to global warming. Preservation keeps it from growing. Of that, we are all sure. But do not just create a cryptocurrency if you do not know what you need to do to reforest a deforested area or how best to ensure that the rural owner will preserve your property. 

Do not just create a currency with currency speech for reforestation and/or preservation, if you do not present: how will the money be used? Which area will be reforested or preserved? How the person who does not deforest will be rewarded for it. If the proposed area has documents and do you really need reforestation? What kind of trees will be used to reforest that area? If they are native trees of the region or if it is only a plantation of trees for future exploration? And finally, if you do not present the area in real time via satellite so that everyone can follow up and make sure the cryptocurrency is being used in the right way. Finally, you need to demonstrate that the project will really happen, how, when, who will perform, under what conditions (if you use manpower, they need to be well trained and receive fair wages), with what kind of seedlings, and lastly, ensure that all investors and the general public follow by satellite with weekly updates or faster execution of reforestation and preservation projects.

We create ReforestCoin, a new cryptocurrency, with the exclusive purpose of providing financial support for reforestation projects and to remunerate owners of preserved areas, with a differential, all investors and even the general public, can follow through the validation of documents , licenses, nurseries, type of seedlings used, and satellite imagery all the execution of the reforestation and / or preservation project, from the moment it is decided which area will be reforested, the work in the nursery until the planting and maintenance of the reforested area for future years or prove that areas are being preserved, so that their owners can be compensated for it.

The goal of the project will also be to transform this cryptocurrency (ReforestCoin) into a Green Bond, or Green Token, that can be acquired by companies with passive environmental pollution and that necessarily need to invest in “green” projects as a way to compensate the damage they cause to the environment.

To ensure the success and transparency of this endeavor, we have created a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) which, through the use of a smart contract, will ensure that:


The documents of the area to be reforested are true.
All control of the areas to be reforested is through the use of GPS coordinates. Checking the polygons that will be reforested, with the documents of possession of the areas. And, in case of public areas, we check the veracity of the information.

The area really needs reforestation.

The nursery that will produce the seedlings, is a certified nursery (that has the necessary licenses).
The seedlings are the correct seedlings for the proposed region. It is no use planting trees that do not fit into that environment.

Those involved in the project, when they are paid employees by any company, receive fair wages and there is no form of exploitation.

A satellite imagery system regularly updates the polygon (GPS coordinates) weekly or in a shorter period, and allows web-viewing of reforested areas and reforestation.

The provision of expense accounts throughout the process is transparent and constantly updated.
The costs of executing the project by area are known and disclosed.

The DAO will vote in a democratic way, which areas will be reforested and who will be paid for the service.
The DAO approve the approval of the accounts presented by the executors. In case of disapproval of some rendering of accounts, the executing company will be placed under observation. It may be banned from the process in the future.

The system used to control each project, connect each project, identifying area documents, seed or seed licenses or documents, area owners’ documents, start date, costs, maintenance periods.
The implementation of reforestation actions is gradual and increasing, to facilitate its control.
The use of the resources is destined to the companies executing the projects of reforestation duly licensed and in conditions to operate.

Part of the resources are allocated to on-site auditing, to ensure the professionalism of the actions and the verification of the execution of each project. The audit will be by sampling.


The documents owned by the preserved areas are true.
Tokens (coins) are intended for the real owners of preserved areas.
The system controls with update of satellite images all preserved polygons.
Allocate coins annually to those who have maintained the preserved areas.
Do all the checks automatically, without the need for human interference. That is, download the updated satellite images and compare the current and previous images to ensure that the area has been properly preserved.

A website specially designed for this purpose and an app will be made available so that stakeholders and investors can follow all the reforestation and preservation projects in real time and manage their portfolios, also allowing the purchase of their ReforestCoins.

The project will be initially deployed in the state of Roraima, Brazil, where today at least 1.4 million hectares have been deforested and where we can better control the start of operations, and then take the project to new regions. It is a state within the Legal Amazon that has many problems of deforestation and still has many areas that can be preserved, and thus, serve as an example for new regions. In Roraima we have scale to implement something big and at the same time, easy to control.

which will be used exclusively for reforestation programs, managed by a new Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

To ensure that our reforestation project based on a new cryptocurrency is successful, we have created ReforestCoin and the project that uses a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

It was for this reasonable that we decided to create an exclusive crypto for reforestation, ReforestCoin. Because we know exactly what needs to be done, how and when. And, we will put all the resources to accompany the process of reforestation of the nursery until the planting and maintenance of the deforested area, with legal information, documents and images updated by satellite, as well as updated details of the preserved areas. So you can invest in something that really knows how it’s running. We all want to end the effects of global warming, but preferentially knowing how our money is being used, by whom, where, when and in what form.